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Are you one of those students who has a massive habit of not writing down when your assignments are due and what for class? Look no further then the myHomework Student Planner app. Though, I would encourage you to read what other people have said in the reviews. Think no further then the AutoDesk SketchBook. Do you have a number of PDFs for a massive project and you only have one upload link?

I have another version of the app, but it does the same thing.

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Just open the app and drop the PDFs in by putting them in the order you want them to be put in in the final document. Then put them all together once you press the button You will even get the chance to rename conjoined file. The price in the App Store is: With Google Earth Pro, you can go there from the safety and security of your workspace. A sister program to Scrivener, Scapple is perfect for brainstorming ideas for projects, stories, even doing family tree projects.

You can import a Scapple project into Scrivener and the data stays intact. I also wrote an article on the subject here. The price in the Mac App Store? Ever wanted to do more with your screenshots than just make them sit on the page? If you use the Evernote app, you can sync your screenshots to your account. My favourite part of the app is the ability to pixelate text and parts of the image.


10 Best Writing Apps for Mac You Can Use () | Beebom

Are you working on a group project online and need a way to communicate, trade ideas and send drafts? Looks no further then Slack. You can setup your own chat room and allow your workmates to collaborate with you that way. Need to create art in Graphic Design? Look no further then Photoshop. A staple for illustrators and artists the world over from years, Photoshop is now able to use via the Creative Cloud.

The second video editing on this listen is Premiere Pro. It, like, Photoshop is apart of the Creative Cloud. Are you a drawer or like playing with shapes and creating your own 3D designs. Look no further then Illustrator. Check out the reminders app that comes installed to all MacBook computers and desktop computers along with every iDevice.

Having all your appointments on you at all times is perfect when you have a Mac computer and iDevice. Check out Owly. Owly is a cute little owl companion whom can be set to keep your computer awake for a certain amount of time. Need some assistance in typing? Master of Typing 3 is just for you. I recently downloaded it and I had a lot of fun learning how the free app worked.

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The first feature which Scrivener does better than any other app out there is the organisation of your documents. You can create folders and nest folders inside other folders to create multi-layered organisational structure. But the best part is how easy it makes managing and finding your content. You can search your text by tags, characters, and keywords. You can use the outlining feature to create an outline. T he cork board view helps in getting the essence of your work. Lastly, Scrivener allows you to export your work in different publishing format, which is really helpful, to say the least.

You just have to feed the required information and it will take care of the formatting for you. If you are a long-form content writer especially focusing on novels, this is the best tool you can get today. As Ulysses, it is also costly but worth every penny. It has a fluid and good looking interface which helps you avoid distractions and focus more on the writing itself. You can use the syntax Markdown to format your text. You can also create sheets and search between the sheets using keywords. When you launch the app, you will only see a single editor window and you can start typing immediately.

To get to the navigation pane, just slide from left to right. Sliding from right to left will give you a view of how your text will look in an actual document. One cool feature is that when you are writing only the current line is highlighted while the rest of the text is greyed out. This helps you focus more on what are you writing.

What You Need to Know Up-Front about Writing Apps

It also has a dark theme to go with it. Where iA Writer falls behind Ulysses is in its organisational features. The export feature is limited to text formats only. The goal setting feature is also missing. However, whatever it does do, it does best. The writing environment is fabulous and the app is very light and never lags. It combines note taking and small prose writing and put them into an interface which is not only fun to use but is also very effective. Just like Ulysses, the interface is divided into three panes. One houses your groups, one your notes and one acts as your editing panel.

Any note can have n number of tags. This is a free form organisation and best when you need to show a single note in multiple groups.

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Probably the best feature of Bear is its iOS client. Bear handles writing and editing short-form content like articles and blog posts like a breeze. It also has better theming capabilities than any other app on the list. The only major drawback is that it follows a subscription model. For the most part, I have found FadeIn to be the best screenwriting app out there. The interface is easy to understand and you can start as soon as you launch the app. You will learn the pro features along the way. The best part about FadeIn is its predictive typing experience.

Most of the times it figures out correctly if you are about to write a scene heading, a character or a dialogue. In cases, if it does fail to predict correctly, you can use the tab key to simply move between the options. This makes formatting your screenplay very easy.

Our main theme for picking apps today has been selecting the apps which help you getting your words onto the paper and FadeIN does just that. Final Draft 10 Final Draft is the most popular screenwriting software out there. However, I have kept it at second place because of two specific reasons. Secondly, over the years it has borrowed a lot of features from its competitors which have made it really complex. Hence, it has a steep learning curve associated with it. However, if you get over these shortcomings and I am not sure that I can, at its heart, it is a great piece of software aimed at professional scriptwriters.

Like FadeIn, it also supports keyboard shortcuts to change the different script writing elements. In fact, I have found its prediction to be more accurate than FadeIn.

Friday 5: Ulysses - my favorite iOS writing app!

However, the premium it demands over FadeIn is not justified in my opinion. Day One Day One is one of those few apps which make the experience of using the app more powerful than the purpose it serves. The app just looks beautiful. From its design to its UI and its colour scheme to its typography, everything induces a sense of calm. The feature set is also huge. You can create multiple journals and each journal can hold infinite pages.

Not only you can write inside the app, you can even attach photos to support your memories with visual cues. My favourite feature is the addition of geolocation data. It helps you to see the places where you have recorded your journal entry. Day One serves as a multi-purpose tool. Apart from recording your days, you can use this as a dumping ground for your ideas. You can create tags and stars to sort your notes. It also has an inbuilt search feature which is lightning fast. The app is also password protected which helps in keeping your thoughts safe.

The fact that it has apps for both iPhones and iPads makes this one a must for on the go journalism. There is so much to love here. If you are a regular journal writer, this one is a must have. Journey If you are looking for a journaling app which is truly cross platform, Journey is where your search ends.

25 Mac Apps For University And High School Students

It has an app for all the major OS platforms including Android and Windows. The app is powerful and has a feature set which is comparable to that of Day One. It syncs across devices, supports photo attachment, markdown, and syntax editing and so on. First, it only uses Google Drive to sync your notes. I hope they add other popular cloud storages such as Dropbox in the future. Also, even when you buy the full app, there are certain features for which you still have to pay for, which is just outrageous.